What is the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day ?

What is the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day ?

“Valentine’s week” The week of love has come like every year. This Valentine’s Day you might be wondering about romantic gifts and ideas to lure your partner. You definitely want to make your partner   amazed with something special and distinctive. Gifting cards, teddies are not the thing your partner is seeking for. So, it’s better to spice up the moment and let your romance flow throughout the week.

This couple festival is all about showering your love on your partner and bringing more intimacy. Instead of showing your partner how much you love them than sexy, romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. You just need to be little creative and passionate. After all Valentine’s Day is most sensual day of the year. So, get ready to be passionate for 14th February which is Valentine’s Day or couples day.

So, answer to your “what should I gift my partner on this Valentine’s Day or what is the most popular gift on valentine’s Day” is here. Showing your love isn’t hard but doing something extra and different is definitely appreciated. This year you can get naughty with Bruchi club’s intimate women’s fantasy costumes or role play underwear for couples that will help you both to get deeper and have fun. Here we are giving you 5 sexy and popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas below.


5 MOST POPULAR GIFTS ON Valentine’s Day 


Welcome your partner wearing erotic open cup lingerie, and your most intense perfume to heat up atmosphere. This intimate wear will bring you to closer and hotter. Your Valentine’s gift would create everlasting impression and admirable by your partner.  You can show your depth of love and enjoy extra intimacy with your partner. You can also fuel it more by pretty red ribbon tied around your neck or waist. Tie this ribbon with extra knot so that your partner get aroused more by unraveling that ribbon knots as quick as possible. You will even look sexy and they can’t keep them away from you. You can also buy set of packs which has for both men and women lingerie options or intimate couple wear.


2.  Role Play costumes

Firstly set up role play script like you are student and your partner is professor. Or, that you are tenant and your partner is landlord and you assist him on curing wound on his or her thigh. For such role it would be lavishing if you dressed up in costumes. You get immense possibility her to enjoy your fantasy and you will explore space around you in your sexy. We are giving Valentine’s Day role play costume ideas for men and women below.

  1. For women- school girl lingerie, Open cup high neck lingerie, Black net lingerie, miss naughty school girl, red rose bikini, women white solid sheer lace lingerie set, Pickaboo panty, stockings, thongs etc.
  2. For men-foxy men thong, pouch brief, g-string brief, men thongs, Mankini costume, Sailor costume, lace designer men thong g-string etc.


3. Tantalizing perfumes

Complementary essential like must have thing to make it more intense for your dwelling acts. It sparks more sense of loosing into by exploring the depth of love with each other. You can put this mesmerizing scent all over your appealing area to make it more intense for Valentine’s Day.

This perfume comes in handy for other hot and intimate moments. It works as mood enhancer and attracts your partner to get lost in the moment with you. For fragrances you have ample of options to try like seductive men or women scents, Jasmine fragrance, Lavender fragrance, Nightfall fragrances etc. Role play turns more interesting when your partner would find ways to grab you to observe such textures. This also boosts desire and pleasure in your fantasy acts.


4. Scented candles

Very classic, romantic Valentine’s Day scented candles would be great options. It comes with decorative vessels and sets mood. The aroma of theses candles also creates intimate theme where you would feel very romantic and pleasured. Valentine’s Day festive candles help you get into very divine spirit of love instantly as they bring your space with intense feeling of love and intimate comfort. The Valentine’s Day scented candles also make a personalized gift for your special partner with decorative packaging. Which are inside colored vessels, you or your partner will be happy to display. This is even looks very stunning and spirited and make your partner feel that you are very good with choices and classy. Scented candles are very relaxing to light and also nostalgic about events. Red rose, vanilla, sandalwood candle, chamomile and lavender candles are good options to consider and it also creates instant mood and romance. Further you can also personalized by expressing your feelings on vessels on the free spaces.


5.  Valentine’s Day Romantic Massage oils

You do not have to be trained or professional masseuse to rub your partner with romantic gesture. This erotic massage release all body stress, tension and stimulates sensations of romance. Massage oils are good excuse to get closer to your partner. It does not only feel incredible even have good health and relationship building benefits- solid body rub increases blood flow, enhances mood. You can start off by canoodling and pouring mild or luke warm massage oil on body to sensationalize. You can sense the beauty of skin to skin touch and also be filled with sense of fragrance. It’s best way to show your passion of love for your partner, leave him blanked to muster about how intense and deeply you care. The more you explore your partner’s body the more you will feel loved and you could not control from gasping with pleasure. The time you would spend will be remembered till eternity. 

This was all  5 MOST POPULAR GIFTS ON Valentine’s Day further you can try sex positions, toys, hot chocolate, bathing together and many more. We Bruchi club wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day and you may have everlasting love, passion and honesty for your partner.

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